We offer a breadth of expertise that permits us to offer a full range of services throughout the development and permitting process and allows us to assist a broad range of clients. From shepherding investors, individuals, and commercial tenants through their own development projects, working with contractors and architects on an ongoing basis, or to helping brokers, banks, and attorneys put deals together, we have something to offer.

Investors & Owners

BPC offers real estate investors and property owners the best services in due diligence and feasibility analysis. We are quick, efficient, and thorough in our due diligence. Our feasibility analyses are creative and bring a multi-disciplinary perspective to bear on creating the highest and best uses for your property.

Commercial Tenants, Franchisees, & Business Owners

End-users Commercial tenants, franchisees, and business owners can cut out the middlemen with BPC as their fee or Joint-Venture developer. We will work with you to define your real estate needs, locate and investigate the site, and handle the rest from permitting through overseeing the construction contract.


Contractors can benefit from our services in many ways. We can eliminate wasted time and focus coordinating and chasing all types of permits required of them from master use to ROW and street use permits. Also, contractors with a desire to spec-build their own projects can leverage our expertise to develop their own development division.

Architects & Engineers

Overworked architects can take advantage of our permit expediting service to keep their projects on track and keep agencies and consultants on schedule. While our site planning expertise can help optimize the buildable area and coordinate site development consultants. Architects can also leverage our knowledge of the land use codes of over 30 Western Washington municipalities to take work outside their typical market areas.


If a development project goes south, many times it is a bank and its depositors who are at risk. Banks can help insure a project's success by involving an experienced developer to advise the borrower and help shepherd the project through to completion. We can help ensure that permits are received on time, project scope and cost does not creep, and that budgets are not exceeded. Further, we fully respect fiduciary duties and can offer experienced objective opinions on a project's progress, and come up with solutions in time to do something about it.


Brokers don't make money unless a transaction goes through. We pride ourselves on being able to find solutions around difficult obstacles in a way that grows the pie for all parties.


We can offer attorneys subject matter expertise and out-of-the-box thinking to come up with value-added win-win solutions. For example, we might suggest an engineering solution that mitigates objectionable aspects of granting an access easement. In addition to consulting for conflict avoidance and resolution, we have also done litigation support when development deals go awry.